Here you will find the answers to some of the most common questions. If you have a question which doesn't feature here, please email us at hello@thisislinen.com and we will be very happy to help!


Why should I change to Linen Bedding?

We found that changing from cotton to linen bedding helped not only our sleep quality but also the experience of getting into bed. Linen has a cosyness and textural beauty which is hard to match, and it has the magical quality of regulating temperature, which is important for sleep.


Shouldn't I be sleeping on Silk Pillowcases?

Absolutely, you should. The only material your face and hair should rest on is Silk, because Silk is good for our delicate facial skin and hair.

But the British climate demands a cosier fabric for our bodies, so that we can feel comfortably cocooned whilst we sleep. What we do is keep linen pillowcases with our linen beddingy during the day and the silk ones are used for sleeping on. The Silk and Linen look wonderful together, as you will see.


How Do I care for my Linen?

Linen is easy to care for, and as long as you use a mild detergent with no bleach or optical brighteners, wash on 30/40 degrees and tumble dry on a low heat for a short cycle, the linen will be fine. It is a low maintenance fabric. For more details go to www.thisislinen.com/care


Do you sell Swatches?

Yes! We have swatches of each of our four colours, so you can see the colour and how the fabric feels before buying. Please email hello@thisislinen.com and we will send some out to you.


Is the Linen Sustainable?

Linen is a highly sustainable and renewable resource which is especially good at trapping carbon as it grows. It needs little water to grow and lasts for a long time. Linen is as good for us as it is the planet. 


Where does the Linen come from?

Our Linen is pure French flax linen which is sewn ethically in China by a female-owned business. It is packaged up and sent out to you from our corner of the Cotswolds, in the UK.