Linen bedding is good for our health and supports our sleep. ThisIsLinen sells pure French flax linen, which is cosy, comfortable and easy to take care of. Our pure linen bedding is sent from the Cotswolds, U.K.

I am passionate about natural fabrics and the comfort they bring. Linen in particular is an enchanting fabric with incredible qualities.

The British climate means that we need cosy and comfortable bedlinen which is warm in winter yet cool in summer. And with our ever increasingly stressful lives, we need our bedrooms to support our bodies when they rest and repair as we sleep.

And that is how we came to discover linen. We switched our cotton bedding for linen bedding during the stress of the pandemic, and felt the difference immediately. There is no better fabric for our body to sleep on and under. Linen has so many charms, but more than anything, climbing into bed at night is a real pleasure when you have linen bedding, as you will see.